Capital Steez – The Yellow Tape

thirdkindI happened to come across this short (unfinished, I believe) mixtape by The 3rd Kind, which consisted of Jay Steez aka Capital Steez and Jakk the Rhymer.  This tape was released around 2009, when they were probably 16 or 17.  The Yellow Tape consists of some familiar names and lyrics I recognize from current artists and work by Steez that I enjoy.

One classic that appears here is the song ‘93 Till Infinity, which is similar to the song Infinity and Beyond on the Amerikkkan Korruption –  Reloaded mixtape that Steez released on April 7th of 2012.

Another song off The Yellow Tape features Brooklyn rappers of the band/group Phony PPL; Dyme-A-Duzin and Elbie Three.  I don’t remember this song the first time I came across this mixtape, but today I was taken by surprise as I noticed these two artists who I happen to be fans of now.

The fact that all of these artists were so young and releasing this type of quality rap while still freshmen (or so) in high school is astounding.  The  recording/production could be better in some instances, but that’s understandable considering the resources they probably had.  The lyricism of Capital Steez in his early years isn’t disappointing at all.  His wordplay is intriguing, as he’s said he’s always been a fan of words and rap has always been a form of poetry to him, and that’s still apparent even in this early work.  I didn’t know who Jakk the Rhymer was before I found out about The 3rd Kind. I thought he was apart of Pro Era and knew Steez has rapped about a “Jakk” before, but didn’t really know who he was.  His verses are not disappointing at all, either.  He definitely brings a hard, 90’s sound that I really enjoy.  I like this combination of Capital Steez and Jakk.



Great finding for Capital Steez fans in need of more work by him that they’ve never heard.  You can listen to it from their old Myspace account.  Looking forward to King Capital when Pro Era drops that mixtape.

Rest in Peace Capital Steez


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